Silver & Black Attack - JaMarcus Russell making a comeback?

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JaMarcus Russell making a comeback?

Ex-Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell is attempting a comeback. He recently released a video of him working out with fellow ex-NFL quarterback, Jeff Garcia. Russell was the number one overall draft pick of the 2007 NFL draft. He was the man that was going to lead the Raiders organization back to prominence. He failed, horribly. He lacked work ethic and got zero respect from his peers. He lost control of his weight, ballooning to over 300 pounds. The quarterback once weighed more than some of the linemen protecting him. He was always a bigger guy, being listed at 6'6", 265 lbs but gaining over 40 lbs shows a clear lack of dedication.

I was always a fan of Russell and have stated numerous times that if he had a solid work ethic and commitment to the sport, and game that he would've been an above average player. In the back of my mind, I'm honestly rooting for him to be successful, if only because I want to be proven right myself. On top of that, though, I just want to see the talent of Russell. He might've had the strongest arm in NFL history.

In the video, Russell still looks very close to 300 pounds so he still has a ways to go in this comeback attempt. Then again, this attempt could end up being completely pointless if no team is interested in bringing him in for a tryout, which is a strong possibility.

A bunch of Raiders fans as well other fans around the league bash the current quarterback situation, but I'm not in that group. Carson Palmer & Terrelle Pryor are head and shoulders above Russell. Actually, they're head and shoulders above any quarterback the organization has had since Rich Gannon. Palmer is stil a proven veteran, who was absolutely not the problem last year. He played extremely well given the situation and Pryor has a top level work ethic and dedication to go along with his uncanny athletic ability. The future looks bright.


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