Silver & Black Attack - Raiders trade for Flynn, look to unload Palmer

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Raiders trade for Flynn, look to unload Palmer

Matt Flynn will be the Oakland Raiders starting quarterback this upcoming season. At least, all signs point to that. The Raiders will send two draft picks to Seattle for Matt Flynn. The picks are a 2014 and a conditional pick in 2015. Flynn was acquired because Carson Palmer did not want to take a pay cut, at least in Oakland.

I've said it over and over again - Carson Palmer was not the problem. However, I cannot respect his attitude. He made some buzz by stating he'd rather be a backup on a contender, rather than starter for the Raiders. He could've said that about any team and I wouldn't respect that. He doesn't want to take a $3 million pay cut, continue to make $10 million this season, and continue being a starting quarterback in the NFL. He would rather take an $8 million pay cut, make $5 million & be a backup quarterback on a top 12 team. Unfortunately for him, it looks like he'll be traded to the Arizona Cardinals. Not exactly the contending type he was looking for I'd imagine. Not that the Cardinals don't have pieces to be successful, but they are in a division that includes two of the best teams in football, the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. If traded successfully, Palmer would return nothing higher than a 6th round draft pick for Oakland, but beggars can't be choosers.

The person who is getting the rawest deal in all of this, in my opinion, has to be Terrelle Pryor. I wonder what he has to do to get a shot to prove himself. He didn't get an opportunity to play until the final game of the season last year. That opportunity came with an injury to Palmer and the team’s record was 4-11. The season was long gone and the team essentially had nothing to play for, so why didn't Pryor get looked at sooner?

This season is going to be another long one for the Raiders so why wouldn't Pryor, who had busted his tail and is as athletic as they come, get an opportunity to lead this team? With the success of other players comparable to his skill set like Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III & Russell Wilson, I wanted to see if Pryor was in the same league as them.

The good feeling/good news about this trade is that Reggie McKenzie had ties with Matt Flynn. They both were in Green Bay together so while Matt Flynn still remains as much of a question mark as Terrelle Pryor, McKenzie knows what he is getting in Flynn. Right now, us Raider fans have to sit back and put 1000% trust into Reggie McKenzie and his decision-making. He was left an absolute mess and he's cleaning as we speak.

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