Silver & Black Attack - Rolando McClain arrested...again

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Rolando McClain arrested...again

Rolando McClain was arrested again the other day, this time for giving the officers a false name. He was pulled over for having his tinted windows too dark. He was given a citation in which he signed his name as, "(Expletive) y'all". The officer saw what he wrote and asked him to write his real name, in which McClain replied, "That is my real name."

He was later released on $1,000 bond and he went on to say he's falsely accused of everything and he believes the police are out to get him. Umm I'm not so sure about that. How can he be falsely accused of writing what he wrote for his name on the citation? What he did was rude, ignorant, and flat out wrong. He had zero reason to write what he wrote.

Also, I don't understand how police are out to get him. People get pulled over all of the time for window tint being too dark. McClain was arrested before and it was for firing a gun near somebody's head. Once again, I don't see how police are out to get him when what he's doing is wrong. If he's putting himself in these situations, then he's the one who is ruining his life.

Raiders coaches and GMs seemed to be unimpressed with McClain during the season and were rumored to have released him. What they actually did was inactivate him for conduct detrimental to the team. The Raiders are unhappy with him and I'm sure he's unhappy with the Raiders. I would expect the Raiders to attempt to trade McClain as soon as they find a willing partner. 

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