Silver & Black Attack - Struggling and scrambling

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Struggling and scrambling

The Oakland Raiders are struggling. It's no secret either. This team is once again amongst the group of the laughing stocks of the league. The Raiders are 3-10 & have lost six in a row, looking terrible in all of them. This after back-to-back 8-8 seasons, barely missing the playoffs and seemingly having the ship righted. Unfortunately, it's taken a turn back to the depths of very bad.

After another loss on the season (the second of the season to Denver), the Raiders released starting veteran cornerback Ron Bartell, reinstated Rolando McClain and now have Richard Seymour’s upcoming free agency to worry about.

There have been rumblings of getting backup quarterback Terrelle Pryor some playing time. Although it hasn't happened yet, he has been active the past two games and it's only a matter of time before he gets an opportunity.

When the opportunity comes, it will only bring more media scrutiny to the organization. The main sports outlets will bring up the Carson Palmer trade and say their little smart remarks. However, behind the jokes and comments, they will have a decent point. Why trade a first and second round pick for a player and then bench him? The criticism will make sense, but at some point in a lost season, why not see what you might have in Pryor? He has immense potential, give him a shot.

There's also rumors of a coaching change at the end of the season because of such a disappointing season. This team had the pieces and potential to take the next leap, but in reality they tripped up and fell flat on their faces. This organization is a mess and all over the place...once again.

I'm not sure what the solution is going to be but I do know the Chiefs are up next on the schedule and it should be a winnable game.

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