Silver & Black Attack - Welcome D.J. Hayden to Raider Nation!

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Welcome D.J. Hayden to Raider Nation!

Cornerback D.J. Hayden was the Raiders first round draft pick in the 2013 NFL draft. He was the guy from the start of the draft and the Raiders were fortunate enough to trade down in the draft, acquire another draft pick (42nd overall, 2nd round) and still draft the guy they wanted. It was a nice sight to see when the Raiders officially had a partner to trade down with. It was a reminder that the Raiders are under a new regime and a new era is among us. In the past, whenever Al Davis wanted a guy, he took him. Didn't matter if he could trade back or if the guy wasn't projected anywhere close to the current pick. Al Davis took who he wanted, when he wanted.

The Raiders planned on drafting D.J. Hayden at 3rd overall, if they couldn't find a trade partner. Well they found one in Florida. Reggie Mckenzie traded the 3rd overall pick to the Miami Dolphins for the 12th overall pick & the 42nd overall pick. The Raiders dropped nine spots & added a 2nd round pick, a round in which they didn't have a pick (lost in the Carson Palmer trade).

Hayden is a rare and amazing story. In a practice last November, he had a collision with a teammate and separated a vein from his heart. A case where 95% of the time, the individual dies. Not out for a couple weeks or months or a year, but the patient dies. Hayden was fortunate enough to be in the 5%. Not only did he live, but he came back to play football, and worked very hard to come back as good as ever. He was projected as a mid to late first round pick but the Raiders fell in love with him. He has great ball skills and can cover man-to-man, as well as zone.

In the end, they added a draft pick & still drafted the guy they wanted. It couldn't have worked out any better. Look for the Raiders to get a pass rusher with the 42nd overall pick. My first thought is Damontre Moore from Texas A&M. 

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